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The PCM Process step by step

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The figures below shows a work piece detail of approx. 1mm x 3mm x 0,1mm.


1 Panel
Step 1:

A metal sheet is cut to an optimal size - typically 300mm x 600mm and chemically cleaned.


2 Lamineret

Step 2:

We laminate with a UV sensitive etch resist on both sides.


3 Belysning Master
Step 3:

The etch resist is exposed to UV light through a double sided photo mask (transparent with dark areas).

The figure shows both sides of the workpiece detail.


4 Belyst
Step 4:

The UV light absorbtion polymerizes the etch resist (darker colour).


5 Fremkaldt
Step 5:

The un-polymerized resist is removed in a developer.


6 Aetset
Step 6:

All details are simultaneous etched to specified dimensions - widths and debth.


7 Strippet

Step 7:

Finally the etch resist is stripped off and the flat parts are completed.