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CAD construction of photo mask

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Phone or e-mail us for price and lead time. We carry several sheet metals on our stock.

Contact us in due time to ensure material can be provided.

Design assistance: We would be pleased to assist you with design - eg. RF shielding and electroplating.

Post processing: If you want us to postprocess your part - eg. forming, electroplating or screen printing let us find the optimal layout processing multible parts simultaneously on bars or in biscuits.

Assembly: Do you need SMD assembly we supply your part in Tape and Reel. Are you going for hand assembly we supply the parts attached to smart fixtures fit to your operation and we also offer robot assembly for high volume production.

Forming: Moving from prototyes to mass production we go from simple hand operated soft tools to more complex semi-automated hard tools hence competing on total costs with expensive progressive stamping tools until very high quantities.